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Creation of the Classics Discipline - Results of the class-rules ballot 2021

Creation of the Classics Discipline

Results of the class-rules ballot 2021 conducted 1-31 January 2021, by online voting system

Dear presidents of national associations, dear members,

I’m happy to announce the tally of the class-rules ballot 2021.

Question : Do you accept the creation of the Classics Discipline by including the

following change of our Class Rules ?

Answers :

• total voters : 746

• total answers : 403 (402 by SurveyHero, 1 by email)

• participation : 54.02%

• 2/3 of answers : 286.66

2021 Worlds cancelled & 2021 European Championship change dates

Dear presidents of National Associations, dear sailors, dear friends,

The pandemic has done much damage to our societies and as every other organisation, the IACA constantly tries to adapt to the situation. Trying to guess the future makes no sense, we can only hope that the vaccines and health systems will help to solve this world-wide problem.

2020 World General Meeting Minutes


The meeting was opened at 10:00 UTC  - WGM held on Zoom - Download the full minutes, with reports, here

Present were;

Charles Bueche – Chairman

Bailey White – IACA Secretary - USA

Graeme Harbour – committee member and international measurer

Philippe Muyzers – committee member, finances – BEL

Paul Larsen – committee member, chairman TC

Gordon Upton IACA Editor – Minutes

Abdón Ibanez – ESP

US Virtual Regatta thoughts

History has taught us that interesting things can result when bad things, such as a global pandemic disease outdreak, happen.  Such it has been this year.  In the US, Bailey White and Bruce Mahoney came up with the idea of a national virtual regatta, but without travelling and to replace the NA Nationals.  As a result, we asked them to tell us more so maybe other associations, can have a go too.

Bruce now explains.

FRA Nationals Cancelled.

Unfortunatly, due to the French government order to the FFV,  COVID restrictions now prevent the event at Maubuisson from taking place.  The AFCCA would like to apologise to all sailors, but will be organising another event there in 2021.  Signs of the times.

Ian "Storm" Johnson gets a Lifetime Achievement Award

The first time I came to really meet Ian "Storm" Johnson, it was in Sopot in 2017. I have probably already met him before, but in 2017 he made me a strong impression, as he was sitting at the beach-front restaurant in Sopot, along with some famous Australian sailors, I think at least Paul Larsen was present. I can remember this moment very well, because two things happened to me on this particular evening : 1) I got drunk very quickly - that hadn't happened to me in years and 2) my bike was stolen - you know, the quirky small foldable SUI 65 bike.