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Reflections on the Worlds.

A couple of weeks on, the dust and smoke has settled and dispersed, the sailors will be resuming their lives, and may will be back at work, but possibly with a new image on their computer desktops, and a lucky few ones are still roaming the currently sunny British Isles as we speak.  So, this is a good time to reflect on what was witnessed on the waters of Britain’s Jurassic coast and at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Centre.

Michel Warlop, BEL National Champion 2019

This year again the Belgian national took place at the lake de l’Eau d’Heure, Phil Muyzers reports

23 participants including 15 French.  Saturday at 13h, kicked off for 5 races back to back in a cool north wind between 4 and 10 knots.

Evening meal for the sailors with starters, main dishes, desserts, wines, beer, coffees and a little water!

Sunday at 10 am, The samer North wind plus rain and 3 races were run.

The champion is Michel Warlop followed by André Casanova and Eric Girardin.  

Worlds Wrap up

Andrew Landenberger and Mischa Heemskerk became the 2019 ‘A’ Class cat World Champions on Friday at WPNSA in great style.  Sailing in almost Champaign sailing conditions of sun and 14-17 knot wind, the pair dominated their respective divisions with 8 bullets each in a superbly run regatta and under the control of David Campbell-James and his race team. 


Wednesday races and Weymouth delivers.

It was an early start for the Classic sailors at the World ‘A’ Cat Championships at WPNSA on Wednesday. The PRO, David Campbell-James, wanted to get them 2 races, before the Open fleet’s 3 later in the day, and a building wind was forecast.  However, in the end the wind didn’t materialise quite as advertised, but they got a very sailable 8-10 knots, building slightly as the day progressed. This could be the first Worlds regatta that has completed the whole 12 race series for many years.  But, then this is Weymouth, and one of the World’s top sailing event venues because of the wind conditio

Close finishes at the Worlds on Day 3

The third day of competition at the Worlds really just continued where the last one left off.  David Campbell-James was keen to get the race numbers evened out and back on track for a full series as we’d promised Weymouth could deliver. Day three saw 3 open fleet and 1 Classic fleet races in a light 5-8 knots, getting underway after a 2hr postponement.

Day two at the 2019 Worlds, fickle winds test the best.

Following the traumatic events of Day 1 of the ‘A’ Cat Worlds at WPNSA, the sailors were keen to at least attempt to recover some of the losses many of them suffered at the hands of the light stuff yesterday.  Monday started light and windless, bringing concerned glances. The AP was up and the fleets were held ashore.  First to sail would be the Classic fleet this time.

There are no problems, only challenges. Day 1 of the Worlds.

The first day at the Worlds at WPNSA was, to say the least, challenging. We all knew the racing was not going to happen in the morning as the day dawned hot and sunny.  And windless.  The PRO, David Campbell-James, broke the news to everyone at the daily 9:30 breifing that there would probably be at least a 2 hr postponement.  Everyone then set about sitting about.  Chatting about settings, looking at stuff in the popup shop and drinking coffee.  The sun was hot and the academy, being concreat and hardstanding became rather warm.