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4 Nations Cup hoping to go ahead.

With the World in Covid Crisis, sailing has, understandibly, taken a back seat.  All National Associations see their calendars massively distrupted and most events, both local and nationally being cancelled. This unfortunatly includes our own 'A' Class World in the USA and European Championships in Spain.  However, the Dutch Association, in co-operation with the Hellecat Club,  are cautiously planning ahead for the combined BEL/GBR/GER/NED National Championships event, the inaugural 4 Nations Cup event in early September on their brand new beach.

Lockdown Interview - Stevie Brewin

We continue our interview series with another well known face - multiple World Champion Stevie Brewin.  


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

Father got me into it at  the age of 5. We had a Solcat

  • When did you first become aware of the ‘A’ Class Cat?

Aged 11 and was sailing on a Nacra 5.2 and when we actually collided, destroyed and sunk one in a collision back in 1985!

Lockdown Interviews - Paul Kohlhoff GER and Lars Schrøder DEN

Next in our Lockdown Interview series, we have current GER National 'A' Cat Open Champion and GER Olympic N17 sailor Paul Kohlhoff, and the reigning DEN Champion Lars Schrøder.



  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

Paul - I first started sailing in my parents boat at very young age on the river Weser.

Lockdown Interviews - Konstantinos Trigonis

Our next 'A' Cat Ace is a Greek Legend.  Multiple cat class World Champion, currently the F18 Champ,  and multiple GRE Olympian - Konstantinos Trigonis


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

Konstantinos - Started in the age of 9 in an Optimist. 

  • When did you first become aware of the ‘A’ Class Cat?

I've seen the boat back in mid 90s but didnt pay any attention as all my focus was in Olympic sailing.

Lockdown Interviews - Scott Anderson

In these troubling times.  Many of us are in lockdown and furloughed, fitness is on the wain for some as the temptation to eat your way through that stash in the fridge becomes overwhealming, racing is currently a thing of the past as clubs are all shut and the grass grows around our beloved boats.  So, we too the opportunity to ask our National Champions and a few other 'A' Cat luminaries, a series of  questions to see if we normal mortals can learn about and from these masters.

IACA international calendar postponed by one year

Dear Presidents of National Associations, Dear sailors, Dear friends,

As a consequence of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, our major events of 2020 (European Championships in Cadiz/Spain and World Championships in St-Petersburg, Florida, USA) are enduring great risks of cancellation or very limited participation. In coordination with the presidents of the respective national associations and the organisation teams of Cadiz, St-Petersburg, Toulon and Punta Ala, we have decided to postpone the IACA international calendar by one year.