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Weymouth Worlds Practice Race.

Practice races are funny things, especially at a World Championships.  Sailors, being a superstitious lot at the best of time, are especially prone to strange rituals, tend to treat it as a semi race, pretending the result doesn’t matter.  However, psychologically is must be better to your mental preparation if you do well.  The top sailors, who have experience of many really big events, have strategies for coping with this, and particularly when things go wrong, but those lower down the fleet can get spooked if things don’t go to plan.  

Brewin and Anderson victorious in the GBR Nationals, Lindley-Smith and Cox become GBR National Champions.

The second day of racing at the GBR Nationals brought much lighter conditions, 7-8 knots was the form. This also created wind holes in parts of the course, and together with wind shifts, created conditions more familiar to lake sailors.  Often though, a sea breeze can develop in the afternoons here, but today it would added maybe a knot or two this time.

Chopping the jellyfish - the first race day of the GBR Nats

After two days of not sailing due to high wind limits, the thoroughbred competitors of the GBR Nationals, or Britnats, as the Aussies call it, where starting to get rather twitchy.  But on day 3, Weymouth finally delivered, albeit with a few jellyfish the size of dustbins floating around, having blown in during the previous few days South Westerly storms.

Hellecat Weekend has good racing.

A-class event Hellecat 27-28th of July - Rutger Krijger reports.

A rather depressing weather forecast after a week with temperatures of up to 40 degrees and good winds did not enthuse everyone and made several sailors decide to stay at home for this year’s third Dutch A-class event at the flat water foiling Valhalla in Hellevoetsluis.