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2023 Admirals Cup

Ben Hall sends his report of the recent event in Florida.

The 15th annual Admirals Cup was hosted by Davis Island YC, March 25th. 3 races were sailed on Friday with a building sea breeze from 6-13 knots.

Bruce Mahoney dominated the Open foiling fleet with three firsts. Rarely off the foils, Bruce won all three races by over 6 minutes. Robbie Daniel was consistently second with Richard Stevens and Mike Christiansen showing flashes of great speed. In the Classic (non foiling) division both Ken Marshack and Chris Brown had good speed. Pat Stadt and Bill Kast had consistent finishes. Several capsized kept Mike Krantz busy with his 25 ft Rib as safety boat.

Saturday started out on the light side with winds of 5-8 on the first lap. From that point on thevwind steadily built with puffs of 15-17 by the last race Along with the building breeze came a big confused chop. This made foiling more difficult. Again Mahoney dominated with 3 firsts again with huge margins of victory. Robbie Daiel and Mike C had some good battles with Mike getting a 2nd in race six.
In the Classics, Chris Brown cruised to 1,1,2 finishes sailing fast and smart. Ken Marshack won the last race in the biggest breeze of the day. Several capsized and breakdowns again kept Mike Krant's safety boat team busy.

Huge thanks to OH Rodgers and the DIYC team for a well organized event. This year's Admirals Cup was the prelude to the 2023 A Cat North Americans which runs from March 27-31 at DIYC.

Top five as follows:
1. Bruce Mahoney
2. Robbie Daniel
3. Mike Christensen
4. Richard Stevens
5. Jeff Brauch
1. Chris Brown
2. Ken Marshack
3. Pat Stadt
4. Bill Kast
5. Valdez Kwasniewski