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Fancy some winter training and racing in Spain?

This Winter the Spanish A-Class Association would like to offer all A Cat Sailors the possibility of joining them for sailing, training and racing during the Winter. Their water temperature is never below 14 degrees. Vlad, the Czech ace, has already spent two winters with them, and Matti from Finland was there last Winter. Both are repeating this year!

They are offering sailing in Valencia, training and some races.

Worlds day 5

After yesterday’s excitement in Toulon, today was only going to be a bit of a let-down. There was the now traditional stop in the boat park instruction. It was the Open foilers to go on first, and many had their super high aspect ratio rigs already fully set up on their 9m tall carbon masts. There were instructions, under pain of death, that they must not pass through the entry gate onto the beach launching area unless they were fully ready to sail and dressed for the water. With 120 boats and a finite beach area, this was a very sensible policy from the Yacht Club du Toulon.

Worlds day 3

It was a tricky day out on the beautiful Rade Du Toulon yesterday, in day 3 of the A-Cat Worlds. At many events, regardless of how good the club or organisation is, the wind always has its own agenda. So it was in Toulon. Sailors waited around, lounging on trampolines, in campers and outside the café, all awaiting that squadron scramble bell when the red and white stripy flag was suddenly lowered and replaced with a fleets on the water flag.

Worlds Day 2

Following the disappointment of Sunday, where the Open foiling fleet at the A-Class Catamaran Worlds had to sit out in the Bay Du Toulon, and then just get one upwind leg before being cancelled, today was a welcome change. A foilable 9-12 knot Southerly breeze started up at about lunchtime and all the Foilers took to the sea from the Yacht Club Du Toulon’s launching beach, heading out to the race area about a mile or so offshore.