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Matthias Dietz - another legend sadly passes.

It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of another A-Cat legend, known to a great many of us. Matthias Dietz was a beloved and gentle character for many years on both the German and European circuits. His immense knowledge of all things, ranging from the 1970's Le Mans Porsche 917 breaking systems that he worked on as an engineer, up to how he sets his rig up for those light airs, of which he was one of the Kings.

Rainer Bohrer writes this lovely obituary for our friend. Matthias Dietz 19.02.1950 - 29.04.24
We are all stunned and deeply sad that our dear sailing friend was so suddenly torn from our midst.

His great passion was sailing: Started with the pirate, over the 505 then to the Tornado and the last 20 years arrived on the A-Catamaran. He was on regattas throughout Europe from the start to the end of the season and was always at the forefront of the rankings. We were all able to witness how he appreciated the sailing community collegially and very friendly. He lovingly named his boats "construction site", but they were always in perfect shape... his passion for A-Cat sailing was inspiring!

For the last 15 years he was a member of the board and most recently president of the German A-Class Association. He moved more and more into the centre of our A-CAT family and with his warm Swabian style and with great commitment he kept the Association successfully on it’s course.

In addition to his loveable special features, there are many stories through which he will always remain in our memory; not only as a very successful regatta sailor, but also as a special and happy person. He lived for sailing and he left us a few days after his last race on Lake Schwerin. The fact that he won these and then cheerfully helped the much younger sailors out of the water is a worthy and incredible end to this great sailor career, - only it came too early.

Thank you Matthias!

We will miss you!