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2023 Worlds Documents - IMPORTANT

It is important to note that all the documentation for the 2023 World Championships in Toulon are here - and individual documents can be downloaded as .pdf files. It is suggested that you do this as soon as possible, in case the club wifi being occasionally be unreliable.

This will be the responsibility of each competitor to make themselves acquainted with all of these to avoid any confusion at the event.
Please note - there are Equipment Declarations for both Open and Classic boats that will need your signature, and these cover the positioning of your tamperproof stickers on the hull, all foils, mast and event sail.

Failure to correctly display these can lead to disqualification.

There is also a download for the map of your officially designated parking place, on the carpark area, for your boat and trailer during the event together with the Bow Number you will be allocated at registration check-in. It will be your responsibility to ensure your boat is secured and tied down to you trailer, with mast dropped if need be, as this is a tarmac parking area and no ground stakes are permitted by the local authorities. Please stick to your designated spaces to avoid confusion and help the organisers to run a smooth event.