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DNA F1 (x)

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DNA F1, allegedly build for Glenn Ashby, if he would have joined the 2017 Worlds in Poland, which he didn't. Delivered for the last race of the season 2017, so practically not sailed before 2018.

The platform has continuously been updated.
2019, rudder system upgraded to F1X T-rudders and differential system
2020, Foilcases changed to F1X position and F1X foils installed
Winter 2021-22, trampolin replaced
2023, sheet traveler moved backwards, to match the newer platforms, for better sheeting angle with new sails.

Fiberfoam medium mast
2019 Ashby/North sail
2022 Bryt sail

Never been in an accident, but has repair after cracks in the outer skin after slamming my body into the hull.

Has won several national titles and podium finishes in Denmark and Germany.

Se video of some action last year here:

Located near Copenhagen, Denmark

Price: 10.500 Euro

Contact information

Thomas Paasch

10.500 EUR
1 week 6 days ago