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Extraordinary WGM Agenda, Garda Euros 22.

Dear A-Cat Sailors - Please be informed that we will run an extraordinary WGM in Arco Del Garda. September 10th @ 19.00.

As for the Constitution, we have 3 official proposals that will be voted in Garda. They are :
1. Change of Constitution to relocate the IACA.
2. USACA's proposal to delete Rule 16 from IACA Championship Rules.
3. Poland's proposal to change Class Rules E.3 and E.4.

The propositions and letters are available on for you to download. :
I suggest you share with your fellow National Association members and start a discussion in your own associations, so you have a well-based opinion when your association casts your vote at the WGM.

As usual I'm available for your questions. Thank you for your collaboration!

Kind regards,
Charles and the IACA Committee
POL notes on Proposal 3
9 June 2022 - The following class rule modification has been initiated by the following top end sailors after frustration with the current rule. The sailors are listed in alphabetical order:
Bendyk Tymoteusz (POL)
Brewin Steven (AUS)
Bundock Darren (AUS)
Calavia Manuel (ESP)
Mara Lago Lopez (ESP)
Noetzel Jacek (POL)
Surowiec Kuba (POL)

Intention: - The class rule modification intention is for the hull appendages (ie. daggerboards) to be measured in racing configuration and not while boards are being pulled up or down while launching as it is currently.
- The rudders are measured in racing position and this will also allow the daggerboard to be measured in the same manner.
- It is the intention to keep the 2.3 max width and 0.75 rule from the centerline while racing. This will simplify the measurement process and make it clearer for all to understand. It will also remove the subjective pressure placed by the measurers of the boards while they are measured as they are being lowered/raised.
- It is not the intention to open loopholes but to simplify the rule.
- This rule modification will not out date current platforms or current daggerboards. It will allow sailors to have certainty that their boats are class legal while racing.
- There were breaches of the current rule at the 2022 World Championships as the boards were raised and lowered at measurement and no penalty was given by the International Jury as the competitors were found to not have gained any advantage by breaking the rule as while racing they complied with the rule.
- This change may allow easier construction and therefore lowering of costs.

Supporting Nations signatures:
1. Poland Jacek Noetzel
2. Spain Abdón Ibáñez
3. New Zealand Brent Harsant
4. Argentina Ian Rodger

Comments from the Technical Committee on point No. 3
‘Whilst we believe the intention of the rule was to resolve issues with max beam infringements whilst inserting boards into the foilers, no differentiation was made with classics, therefore they would be affected by the proposed rule change as well.

The TC believes that the proposed change to remove certain restrictions in the existing rule is more likely to open up new design/build paths for both classics and foilers in the short term. Whether these are likely to improve performance or handling is indeterminate.

How the “racing range” is to be determined remains unclear. With methods such as “banding” i.e. marking the boards with chord-wise black or white stripes to determine the “racing range”, there are concerns with the increased load it is likely to put on the measurement of boats and those who police it throughout a regatta.

The TC appreciate that the existing rule doesn't directly prohibit development or obsolescence of existing boats to achieve similar ends but that it does make it more costly and complex to do so.’