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2022 European Championships Equipment Regulations

1. General Requirements
1.1 All boats and equipment entered in the European Championships may be inspected at any time for compliance with the relevant rules including Class Rules and these Equipment Regulations (ER), defined collectively as the “Event Equipment Rules”.
1.2 Boats shall be kept in the assigned boat park.
1.3 All boats are required to comply with RRS 78.1 and these Event Equipment Rules from 11.00 am on the 11th September 2022 (Hereinafter referred to as “Day Zero”) onwards. Non-compliance from 11.00 am on Day Zero until the start of the first race of each event shall be reported, protested and penalized as if it were discovered after racing on the first day on which races for that boat have been completed.
1.4 Competitors are reminded that, in accordance with RRS 78.1, they are responsible for ensuring that their boat is maintained in accordance with the Class Rules and that all measurement certificates, where applicable, remain valid.
1.5 All equipment and sail shall be certified and marked as required by the Class Rules.
1.6 All competitors shall present a valid measurement certificate for hull, mast and sail. The certification documentation may be retained by the Chief Equipment Inspector or Organising Authority for the duration of the event.
1.7 Any changes to these ERs will be approved and posted on the Official Noticeboard in accordance with the provisions governing the posting of changes to the Sailing Instructions (SIs).

2. Equipment Limitation
2.1 All items of equipment subject to event limitation control will be marked with the official Event Limitation Mark sticker. If a sticker becomes illegible, unsecured or lost, this shall be reported to the Chief Equipment Inspector so that the sticker may be replaced before the next race or at the first reasonable opportunity.
2.2 Competitors shall apply Event Limitation Mark stickers to specified equipment and sign an Equipment Declaration prior to racing. This declaration must be returned to Registration before 11.00 am on Day Zero.
2.3 Event Limitation Mark stickers shall be obtained from, and applied in accordance with instructions distributed at the European Championships Event Registration.

3. Repairs and Replacement of Boats and Equipment
3.1 Alterations, repairs or replacements shall not be made after 11.00 am on Day Zero without the prior written approval of the Chief Equipment Inspector. However, alterations, repairs or replacements required afloat may be approved after the race, provided either the Race Committee or Chief Equipment Inspector is notified before racing resumes.
3.2 Equipment subject to inspection shall only be replaced if: (a) The replacement was certified (if required by the Class Rules before use) and (b) The
equipment being replaced has been severely damaged and cannot be repaired in the time available before the next race. Equipment shall not be replaced if it has been deliberately mistreated, damaged or lost by the competitor or any associated person.
3.3 Unless approved in writing by the Chief Equipment Inspector repairs or alterations shall not be carried out in the equipment inspection areas.
3.4 Forms to request approval of alterations, repairs or replacement will be available from the Chief Equipment Inspector or the Race Office.

4. Equipment Inspection
4.1 When instructed by the Chief Equipment Inspector, or his delegate a boat shall proceed as requested to a designated area for inspection. A notice may be posted on the Official Notice Board identifying the boats that have been selected for inspection and the time when they shall be presented in the equipment inspection area.
4.2 A boat representative shall be present at all times during equipment inspection. A boat representative is defined as the boat’s skipper, a team leader or nominated delegate. An interpreter may also be present if approved by the Chief Equipment Inspector.
4.3 All boats selected for equipment inspection shall be presented for inspection with all equipment, including sail, personal flotation device(s) and personal equipment. Personal flotation device(s) shall provide buoyancy in compliance with ISO 12402-5, (level 50), USCG Type111 or AUS PFD2. Personal flotation devices that rely on inflation to achieve buoyancy are not accepted. Helmets shall be worn by all competitors in the Open Discipline and comply with minimum standard EN1385 or EN1077.
4.4 Boats and equipment shall be presented for equipment inspection in a dry, clean and salt-free condition. Boat must be fully unrigged with mast lowered. The Technical Committee may impound any item that is not in a condition to the satisfaction of the Chief Equipment Inspector.
4.5 When a boat has been selected for post-race inspection, no person shall join or leave the boat without permission from the Chief Equipment Inspector. No equipment or other item shall be taken on or off the boat without permission from the Chief Equipment Inspector. The notified skipper shall not leave the equipment inspection area without the permission of the Chief Equipment Inspector. After inspection of the skipper’s clothing and equipment, at least one boat representative shall remain present during the inspection of the boat. The Chief Equipment Inspector may require the boat to be impounded in order to dry out before its weight is checked.

Graeme Harbour
Chief Equipment Inspector
Chairman Technical Committee
2022 A Class Catamaran European Championships.