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New IACA Facebook Page

The New Facebook page is -…

We have to sadly inform you that Facebook decided to delete our original IACA FB page. As yet we have not had any reason given, as we received no communication to anyone involved with the page as to why. However, as the page was set up many years ago, and the original admin cannot be found, we must assume that any communication would have been sent to them. Try as we may, we have attempted to change the admin, but Facebook still requires permission from the original admin before allowing this. They are particularly good at ignoring our repeated requests for info and help in this matter. It could be that the original admin has deleted their account?

However, things changed a few months ago, and we seemed to have lost some privileges, after FB suddenly decided to switch the page to their 'Business Hub'. We could post and edit, but not change the header picture or passwords without 'Admin Permission’, which, of course, we didn't have access to.

As such we are forced to start a this official page All the posts on the old one have, for now, disappeared as Facebookis not archived. We understand and sympathise with your annoyance if you wanted to find older posts, however, the important things are all still available on and the many National Association ‘A’ Cat pages on Facebook. If anyone has any idea how to recover the original site, please let us know.

In the meantime, if you have anything of interest you may have on your national associations, please let us know in a PM.