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Shipping boats to the Houston Worlds

Our 2022 Worlds Logistics Coordinator, Richard Stevens, has developed a guide for those considering shipping a container to the US. After shipping boats to several regattas, I can attest how important it is to follow the paperwork guidelines. For those of you that ship boats frequently most of these recommendations are well known. There are a few simple items that can help smooth the process. Try not to use wood for the bracing. Sweep the container clean and clean all the boats and equipment. Leave plenty of time for delivery. As I’ve announced, we have added another two day regatta in early April 2022 at Houston Yacht Club. Your container may arrive just before that event and your boats may be stored at Houston Yacht Club well in advance of the Worlds. Even if you do not care to attend the Armadillo regatta your container may arrive anytime in April. Feel free to share this document with your members.

Richard is available to assist with any questions you may have or handle the entire process providing an enjoyable experience in Texas.


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