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Micky Todd Wins the Mediterranean Trophy, and Loic Dony becomes SUI Champion.

FRA Toulon Mediterranean Trophy and SUI Nationals, September 10 to 12, 2021

It was 28 competitors who met in Toulon for this last seasons Mediterranean regatta. Our Swiss friends came to eight to fight for their title of Swiss champion. Two Italians were present with the faithful Alberto Farnezi, and of course the winner of previous editions Micky Todd.

Three days of racing were planned , but alas a big low has nailed the fleet ashore for the first day. Fortunately, the Mediterranean sun came back forcefully for the rest of the operations. The following two days were on a south / westerly with low winds at first (5 knots), strengthening in the afternoon without ever exceeding 12 knots, with flat sea.

Unfortunately, only 27 competitors went on the water, as our friend Jean Jaffray got injured by slipping right before the sailors briefing and could not participate in the regatta. He has since reassured us about his condition and is fine.

Six races were run on Saturday and four on Sunday. Of the 27 boats engaged, 8 were in OPEN (foilers) and 19 were in Classic discipline. In accordance with our rules, the boats started together and it was found that the fleet stayed very concentrated, causing tricky mark roundings at times.
The classic podium being Micky Todd (1st), Alberto Farnezi (2nd) and Jacques Valenté (3rd).

In the SUI Nationals, all Open Division boats, the results were
Loic Dony (National Champion), Robin Maeder (2nd), Olivier Ballevre (3rd)

A big thank you to the Toulon Yacht Club team for hosting this event, also allowing it to roll out for the future World 2023, whose dates are scheduled to be from September 10 to 15, 2023.

Photos - Yacht club Toulon @YCT