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World Sailing Plaques

To maintain its World Sailing designation, World Sailing requires that all A Class Catamarans constructed after 1/1/2010 pay a fee to World Sailing and this is evidenced by affixing a World Sailing plaque to the stern of one hull in terms of class rule A.7. The hull builder, either professional or amateur is responsible for this payment and affixing of plaque. Should plaque be missing or destroyed a replacement plaque must be affixed and is available from World Sailing.

Plagues can be ordered direct from World sailing on application forms available at the link on the IACA website under class rules. Open link here

Plaque Costs:

New Plaques                          GBP 52.29

Replacement Plaques           GBP 12.45


Please note the following:

Plaques are mandatory for all boats constructed after 1/1/2010

Replacement plaques are mandatory if original plaque is missing.

Plaques are not transferable between boats.

Many International classes receive a portion of this fee back from World Sailing. This is NOT the case with our class and fee charged by World Sailing is the minimum fee that class can pay.

Any queries or concerns please contact Chief Measurer Graeme Harbour at