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'A' Cat sailors ride to America's Cup glory in Auckland

Congratulations to our fellow 'A' Cat sailors, Pete Burling, Blaire Tuke and our own class total legend, Mr Glenn Ashby!  Sailing their ETNZ AC75, they beat off a very strong and ruthless challenge from the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team, with Jimmy Spithill at the helm of the Italian challenger of record.  

Much of the earlier races in the series tended to be won just before the start as the slightly slower, but slightly faster tacking ITA team could skillfully and sucessfully defend their lead position against the NZL team if they won the start, frequently using a higher slower mode, that could not be matched by the ETNZ boat. However, the Kiwis, with their slightly smaller and lower drag winglets were faster and slippier, pulling away when they could get clean air from a won start or if a shift got them leapfrogging into the lead.  The latter light airs races though, saw luck play it's usual part as first one, then the other boat fell off their foils, with the winner being the one to get back up the faster.  It was edge of the seat stuff at times, although many will still have reservations over numerous issues about narrow courses etc.

Thanks for some great sailing guys, and we all feel the pain of our ITA sailors, I'm sure they are proud of their lads!

Photo - Sail Energy.