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2020 World General Meeting Minutes


The meeting was opened at 10:00 UTC  - WGM held on Zoom - Download the full minutes, with reports, here

Present were;

Charles Bueche – Chairman

Bailey White – IACA Secretary - USA

Graeme Harbour – committee member and international measurer

Philippe Muyzers – committee member, finances – BEL

Paul Larsen – committee member, chairman TC

Gordon Upton IACA Editor – Minutes

Abdón Ibanez – ESP

Alex Welter – BRA

Bo Hasseriis – DEN

Brent Harsant – NZL

Harald Wigerstedt – SWE

Jacek Noetzel – POL

Laurent Stéphany - FRA

Marco Gaeti and Steffano Sirri – ITA

Paul Neeskens – AUS

Rainer Borher - GER

Robin Maeder – SUI

Rutger Krijger – NED

Struan Wallace - GBR

Apologies from Michael Modelhammer – AUT and Andrew Landenberger AUS

Also absent were ARG, CAN and IRL.


1. Presidents Report. Charles Bueche – see attachment

2. Secretaries Report. Bailey White – see attachment

3. Technical Committee Report. Paul Larsen – see attachment

Paul reported that considerable effort had been put into the definition of the Classic and it’s elements required for the submission to World Sailing as a separate discipline within the ‘A’ Division class.


4. Finance Report – see attachment

Graeme Harbour reported that the Association was in a good position considering this year seeing some trying times. The current balance as of November 2020 is €52’674. Graeme announced he will be stepping down after 8 years in the role of finance auditor and was thanked by all. A replacement will be appointed in due course.


5. Association Reports – See attachment.


6. Election of committee and officers

It was decided that the role of IACA President and Secretary be extended by another 4 years due to the unprecedented events currently being undergone and

to change horses at this time would be unwise. It was also proposed that Jacques

Valente FRA join the IACA Committee as a member. The whole team was elected. The Technical committee would now be considered a permanent feature. Currently they are led by Paul Larsen AUS, and comprise of Sandro Caviezel SUI, Bruce Mahoney USA, Graeme Harbour AUS, Andrew Landenberger AUS, Tymoteusz Bendyk POL. It was also suggested that Albert Roturier, French measurer, was voted as an additional member of the Technical Committee.


7. Fees

It was proposed that the fees of €10 per association member for the 2020 year be suspended until 2021. This was passed by 81 for, 12 against, with no abstentions. *

*Votes based on National Association membership number allocations.


8. Major Event Venues

There was some discussion around the 2021 European and Worlds events as to whether they would be taking place. The European Championship event in Cadiz has been suggested be moved to possibly the 3-10th July at request organising club. This was because there is a major Optimist class championships taking place at the same time and this would but pressure on various facilities.

The USA Worlds, due to be in November 2021 may have to be cancelled as it was considered possibly still too risky for overseas sailors to travel as they may require considerable notice to get their boats shipped and the situation is still too problematic.

It was then suggested that the following events are scheduled;

2022 – FRA Toulon Worlds

2023 – USA Florida Worlds

2024 – ITA Punta Ala Worlds. Although this may change.

The change of dates for Euro and World are not decided yet and subject to further discussions with clubs and national associations.


9. Proposals

9.1 – The AIADCA proposal to amend Championship Rule 16' (Radio Communication) to allow GPS at World & European Championships, failed to achieve the 2/3rd majority required for a Championship rule change so is rejected. The vote was 52 for, 41 against and 11 abstain.

9.2 - 'IACA committee proposal to create the Classics discipline' was passed by a substantial majority. For 101, against 3, no abstentions. As this is a modification to the class rules, the next step are a world -wide ballot among members and final approval by World Sailing.


10. Regulatory and Technical Affairs (Alterations in the I.A.C.A. Constitution, Championship Rules, Ballots etc.)

It was explained that a full list of national association member email addresses be provided for communication purposes.


11. AOB.

Being no other business, the meeting closed at 12h10 UTC.


Gordon Upton – IACA Editor 28-11-21