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4 Nations Cup gets ready.

In just under a week, the only multinational 'A' Cat event being held in Europe will have kicked off.  The 4 Nations Cup at Hellecat was  planned to be a combined National Championships for NED, GER, BEL and GBR.  However, due to the now ever present COVID risk, the GBR team had to withdraw after the UK government suddenly classed the Netherlands as a high risk country, and made it mandatory for all coming into the UK from there to self isolate for 14 days on their return.  As a result of the British foreign office said all but essential travel would not be advised.  This would automatically render all insurance invalid in the small print.  

But the event is still going ahead and to date 9 nations will be taking part.  16 GER, 14 NED, 10 BEL, 2 SUI, 1 CZE, 1 ESP, 1 FRA, 1 GBR and 1 POL. Split into 19 Classics and 28 Foilers!!! The one GBR sailor is currently living in France BTW!  There are still 3 days left to register, but don't forget to pay your entry fee €110,- before 01/09/2020!

Payments can be made to: Catamaranvereniging Hellecat, Duinweg 11, Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands.

IBAN NL71RABO0344815056 mentioning "4 Nations cup 2020 @ Hellecat"  This always looked like being a great event, and we are sure it will be a success.  Social distancing will be in force, and the organisers have done everything possible to comply with the NED COVID rules.  


Good luck to all and stay safe!