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Kuba Surowiec crowned POL National Champion in a full on final day at Sopot.

On the weekend of August 21-23, the Polish ‘A’ class Championships were held in UKS Navigo Sopot.  20 sailors from all over Poland plus Vlad Ptasnik from the Czech Republic took part.  Jacek Noetzel

During the three days of the regatta, the competitors had to face very challenging wind conditions. For the first two days there was little wind with squalls from different directions.  In fact, as many as three races were interrupted because there were moments with a complete lack of any wind.The competitors, who took the top positions on those days, had showed great vigilance, seeing from which side the wind would come and the changes of direction.

4 races are scheduled for Sunday. The wind was good and all races were ran.

It was blowing off-shore and there were strong squalls up to 20 knots. The Baltic was completely flat and the cats reached their maximum speed, sometimes up to 30 knots!  It was not without spectacular tip-ups fortunately, without consequences for the health and equipment of the sailors.

Younger riders dominated the competition, fighting for podium places until the last race. In stronger winds, the key to success was foiling on a smart course. More and more racers were doing it right and you could see progress. 

Kuba Surowiec won conclusively, Tymek Bendyk snatched second and Marcin Kamiński third. Andrzej Senkus won in the Juniors, Paweł Kacprowski in Masters, Jacek Noetzel in Grand Masters, Vlada Ptasnik in Great Grand Masters, Ewa Górska in Girls category and Marek Żebrowski in Classic category.

The organizer of the Polish Championships was the Navigo Student Sports Club. The regatta was held under the patronage of the City of Sopot and the auspices of the Polish Sailing Association.

Photo from FotoSurf 

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