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DEN Open Champs is able to take place.

Finally we got a A-class regatta in Denmark - Tom Bojland reports.


13 A´s turned up to a combined A-class/Waspz event - which was a really good idea - the kids got a lot of stories from us "old farts" about foiling, speed and other scary stuff - important to get the young ones into high speed sailing.


The sailing itself was a bit slow - we did see 4-7 knots, +30C, 2 knots of current for a whole weekend, but at least we got 9 races in the box.


Lots of different winners, but Thomas Paasch did more wins than the rest of us the second day, so he won the trophy and is now the king of A class racing in DEN (until next year) Tom Bojland and Peter Boldsen came second and third.


And we got a nice visit from our german friends as well - did however not treat them well as the result shows!


Here is a video from a couple of days before the regatta.