SUI, GER & AUT Nats Championship for Wallmer (1st Overall) , Keller (2nd Overall) & Heinzle

50 boats gathered at Yacth Clu Rheindelta for really efficient initiative from the Ger, Sui & Aut A-Class Associations. Sascha Wallmer took the overall Championship crown followed by Thilo Keller as first German and 3rd overall for Mathias Dietz (GER).

One different design for each regatta, that is the current scenario in the Class. We had Baier with Nikita winning French Nats, Shcoeder Danish Nats with Vision, and now Wallmer with a Schuerer G6 first followed Thilo's Arrow MKII. Full resutls attached & at
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Report below by Thilo Keller
"We started the GER/AUT/SUI Nats with very light winds on Friday. Due to a new sail I got on Thursday from Landenberger I was not sure how good I will perform without any tests and so the first race ended with a big surprise finishing 7th in a very strong fleet. In race N° 2 the wind picked up a bit and I could score a bullit. I let the race from the beginning and the new rudderfoils showed excelent performance downwind. A very short wave built up quickly due to the westerly winds. The rudderfoils help very well to stabalize the boat and concentrate on sailing a smooth line. The extremely stiff platform allows to push the boat very hard and use every little bit of energy coming from the sail to increase the speed.

On Saturday we did 3 more races in light to medium winds. Sascha always pushed very hard and so did Bob. Both won a race each and made life hard to me. In the end Sascha had a small lead but Bob didn´t managed it to pass me. And so I grabed my first German Championship title from Bob who won every German Nats since 2008.

Now I´m now looking forward to the European Championship at Barcelona, where we will see a couple more arrow MK²s. Even topgun Mitch Booth will race one. So stay tuned and follow our news at

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