Thoughts for new recruits.

I was reflecting on the class and where it could want to be heading recently, when I realised the question that we get asked frequently when someone is expressing an interest in our lovely boats is - I’m looking at getting an A-Cat, but what type should I go for? It is usually met with the first question from us, and we must assume that they have at least done a little research, and discovered that we have 2 categories within our class, so it’s do you want an Open or a Classic?

2025 NZL Worlds Dates announced.

OFFICIAL - The 2025 A-Cat Worlds will be held at Manly Sailing Club, North Island, New Zealand. Dates - 8th-16th November 2025.

We can now look forward enormously to this event, at the club where no lesser sailor than Russel Coutts is Commodore, so we hope as many as possible can come over join in the party in Aeoteroa, the 'Land Of The Long White Cloud'!

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