Day 4 at the AUS Nats. All to play for.

The penultimate day of racing on Lake Macquarie today was marked by beautiful sailing conditions, heralding a great start to the new year, reports Bob Griffits.

The early morning cloud cover burnt off to provide a beautifully warm sunny day.

The forecast of light variable winds proved to be inaccurate, and instead a moderate strength south east wind filled the course. The breeze strengthened to about 18 knots by the start of the first race of the day, stabilised at that strength for the first two races, then settled at 12 knots for the third race.

Glenn Ashby , Steve Brewin, and Nathan Outteridge shared the podium finish places, with Stephen Brayshaw grabbing a third place in the final race of the day.

Glenn Ashby is continuing his building momentum, and by days end he has assumed the top place on the scoreboard, finishing todays racing with 1-2-1.

Steve Brewin scored 3-2-OCS. Brewin lodged a protest (ongoing at the time of writing - Ed.) regarding the OCS, obtained in the final race of the day, in which he crossed the finish line in second position.

(Update - Brewin (Bow # 4) won the protest after it was confirmed that Simon McKeon (Bow # 44) was under him and was the OCS boat - Ed)  He has since been awarded his finishing position of 2nd.) 

Nathan Outteridge has found a fine consistency with 2-3-2, and he now occupies 3rd place overall.

Three races are again scheduled for tomorrow’s final day of racing. Racing is slated to commence at 1100 hours, wind conditions permitting.

Overall Placings (after nine races).

  1. Steven Brewin 12 points.
  2. Glenn Ashby 13 points.
  3. Nathan Outteridge 35 points.
  4. Stephen Brayshaw 39 points.
  5. Brad Collette 44 points.
  6. Dave Shaw 50 points.
  7. Dave Brewer 50 points.
  8. Matt Homan 55 points.
  9. Zac Heuchmer 84 points.
  10. Adam Beattie 89 points.