Scheurer G7

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Scheurer G7 for sale with new foils 2017 complete, mast saarberg medium 2016 ,Sails brewin 2016, full cover. Boat perfect
Livorno Italy

Exploder 2012

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2012 Exploder with C-boards, DNA rudders with winglets, Fiberfoam Mast, stiff boat, ready to sail, 2 Landerberger sails, 1 set of battens, beach trolley.

Exploder A14

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Platform from Summer 2014:
Factory retrofit 2016 with Z10 bords
Long rudder with asymetric winglets
Double tramp Brewin (Orignal as spare)

Marstrom M5

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The latest model from Marström, the same type that finished 1st and 2nd non-foiler at Worlds 2017!

In very good condition and very stiff. Exclusive vintage edition!