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    Important Message From The IACA President

    During this WGM, we will take a few important decisions that will impact the future of the class. We hope and expect that you convey the wishes of your memberships. All the documents have already been distributed on a-cat.org. In case you have requests, questions on any of the proposals, don't hesitate to contact me.

    I allow myself a personal request : I'm convinced all 4 proposals are good for the class. Let me take them one by one and provide my personal opinion about them.

    DEN proposal : deletion of championship rule 16.


    World AGM Agenda.

    IACA World General Meetings Agenda - Sopot, Poland    

    Date : Wednesday 23 August 2017, 20:00     Location : Sailing Club Navigo

    1. President's Report

    2. Secretary's Report

    3. Economic Report and presentation of accounts and budget

    4. National Association and Fleet Reports

    5. Election of Officers and I.A.C.A. Committee

    • 5.1 Secretary until 2020
    • 5.2 Committee members

    6. Membership Fees



    The 'A' Class 2017 Worlds – Day 1.

    The ‘A’ Class Catamaran Worlds started today in the Polish resort city of Sopot.  A strong fleet of 126 boats have been arriving for a few weeks, and many have trained with the good local Polish fleet of 25 + boats.

    This year, it has attracted eight former Olympic sailors and an America’s Cup winner to the event, keen to race this thoroughbred that has now embraced foiling and taken it to a new level.  However, the older non-foiling boats are still very much still in the frame, as when the wind is too low, or gusty and shifty, the ‘Classic’ ‘A’ cats will still shine.


    2017 Worlds - Now on.

    The 2017 A Class Catamaran World Championships are now officially underway. Robert Griffits had a few minutes spare to pen (or rather I-Pad) this.

    Early last night, the event was officially declared open by the mayor of Sopot in a ceremony held in the main square of the city.

    The ceremony was preceded by a parade featuring the flag bearers of the 19 nations competing, leading the field of competitors ,and even a few of their canine companions. The speeches were short congenial , and heartfelt.


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