Official IACA Rule Clarification on US & CAN Assoc rule voting

May 24, 2015 - Official IACA Rule Change Clarification 

We have been advised of recent postings in the social media advising that the members of the USA & Canada International A Class Catamaran Associations have voted to suspend rule 8 for two years to learn more about foiling. As you would all be aware, a similar proposal was placed before the World AGM in New Zealand last year and not approved by the Country Presidents under the IACA Constitution’s voting process.

North Americans 2015: Matt Struble Champ

Another crowded event for the Class with 40 A-Cat fleet after the French Nats past week with 55. The 2015 North Americans held at St Andrews Bay Yacht Club  in Panama City, FL was a success with high motivation from the local sailors. The US & CAN members also voted to ban locally and for two years IACA's Rule 8. We will seek comments  from IACA board to clear doubts arising on this subject.

North Americans 2015: Matt Struble lead after 8 races.

Matt Struble scored 2,1,1 today and with one discard now in place, he  managed to put some room on his tight fight with Bruce Mahoney.

Bailey White also defended positions and established a gap with 4th overall now in hands of Woody Cope. bailey reports the fleet is having a blast at St Andrews Bay Yacht Club waters in Panama CIty, FL.

Ton ten below. Full results at

North Americans 2015, Day 2: Struble & Mahoney fight for the lead

Two clear leaders in performance at the  2015 North Americans, Matt Struble (1 & 4 today)  continues to lead but now only 1pt ahead of Bruce Mahoney who scored 2 & 1 to total 8 & 9 respectively on the overall. US Class President Bailey White , currently in 3rd place , lost some ground today and Christopher Brown got one pt behind him.

All Images below by Walter Cooper , Full Gallery  at

Honoring Olympic & Multihull Sailor Charles Favre

Charles Favre sadly passed away last Thursday while sailing an A-Cat. I saw condolences for from several sailors, and realized he was a beloved friend by his peers, and he got plenty, just analyzing the boats he sailed : Olympic 470 & Tornado, X40s, D35s and A-Class among others.

I didn´t knew him as I know other sailors in Europe, but I do remember him from the 2014 Bordeaux A-Class Europeans, Why? Because he was always smiling and was the most cordial sailor to us newbies/rookies of the Arg team.

Australian Winter East Coast Championships @Wangi, June 6-7, 2015

Image: Juliew Hartwig - || Bob Griffits from the Australian Association reports on the coming Class activity, this time for the East Coast Winter Championships.
Report by Bob Griffits: "Although winter will soon descend in the lands down under, the Australian A Class fleet has no intention in sitting out the cooler weather in some form of hibernation. Many sailors are very keen to master their foiling techniques, and many have been quietly modifying their boats to incorporate any of the increasing repertoire of hydrofoils that are now available.