Current World Champ, Mischa Heemskerk Flying downwind at Hyeres

Denis Lucci was on the right spot when shooting this. There is a sequence of a pretty long flight downwind too. Reports of the DNA stable flight were circulating but no pic or video were available.
At the 2013 French Nats Bob Baier won with Nils Bunkenburg's Nikita, an already legendary and still winning design after more of 10 years of being launched in 2001.

Mischa on the DNA was 6th overall and Denis Lucci got these images of a production legal A-Class on a stable foiling.

But flying wont help you much when racing in 5knots, as proven in this same event at Hyeres. So the real challenge will be performing in the entire wind range. Still and as always has been sailing skills will be defining.
Mischa already won the 2012 Worlds in full +20 knots without these J downwind flying boards.