Memorial Santi Monjo ESP 'A' Cat regatta in Barcelona.

A memorial regatta is announced to honour the popular ESP sailor Santi Monjo, who sadly passed away last year, but in a manner that we may all probably secretly aspire to, whilst actually sailing his beloved 'A' Cat.   Abdón Ibáñez sends this invitation to honour his memory in Barcelona.

'We would like to inform you about a very Special Event we are preparing in Barcelona: Memorial Santi Monjo, that will be held in Barcelona next July.

As most of you know, our long time A-Class sailor Santi Monjo (ESP-2) died last Autumn when sailing his A-Class (hearth attack).  Now we want to make the best event we can to recognize him as a sailor and a better person and friend. Therefore, this will be an international event and all the A-Class sailors around the world are welcome.

Enclosed is the Notice of Race. Please, inform you’re A-Class fleets so they can join the event.

I hope to see most of you in Barcelona, it can be a very good trial for the Worlds in Weymouth.

Best regards,

Abdón Ibáñez & Spain A-Class

Spain A-Class President'

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