A-Cat Class Rules rewrite

As you might know, the Class Rule rewrite was taken of the agenda for the 2017 WGM at the Sopot Worlds. The main reasons for that was a new contact we got assigned at World Sailing, found some issues in complying with the World Sailing template, which would cause them to not being able to approve the rule rewrite.

These issues have now been fixed along with incoorporating the World Sailing Interpretation from 10th of August on Thilo Kellers foil system.

We also tried to address the questions/wishes/concerns mentioned in the FAQ sessions and from the WGM discussion. Our basic rules are still the same... The new rewrite can be found here: A-Cat Class Rules 11.01.2018 Questions to the rule rewrite can be sent to technical@a-cat.org, and the Technical Committee will try to answer them within a few days, and we will maintain a FAQ below, as questions come in.


D.4.4 . Corrector weight position

Q:(From our last FAQ session) In a development class like the A were mods are allowed by rule D.4, it does not seem logical to restrict corrector weights positioning. Therefore in my opinion D.4.4 should be removed. Moreover, a catamaran does not necessarily have to have front and aft beams.
A:This has been changed to "Corrector weights shall be securely fastened to the boat"