Hydrofoil ballot new rule is approved

Dear A class sailors worldwide ,
please find here the final result of the ballot on the proposal of amendments of the ISAF A-Division Catamaran Rules, better known as "hydrofoils rule".
Votes have been collected by the Returning Officer, Pieterjan Dwarshuis. I’ve matched all data with the members lists sent by all National Associations.


The Spanish A Class Association announces the new race circuit created for the year 2.009 and follow.

This circuit has been created to have 5 big level regattas every year in Spain and to provide the Spanish A class Association a ranking with the top A Class sailors in Spain.

All the A Class sailors are invited to come to this circuit every year.

The 2.009 A Class regattas in Spain are the following:


Dear A class sailors worldwide ,

As many of you already noticed last season, a lot of discussion has going on about the 'curved boards' issue and the the hydrofoil rule in general .

During the World General Meeting at the Belmont A Class Worlds in January, the decision made was that the Hydrofoils Comission is in charge to provide the exact wording of a rule for a CLASS BALLOT according to our Constitution, Point 11.