New IACA web site on-line

Hi to all a class sailors worldwide .

The new website is on line as you see. Its far from final yet, we are working on it .
it will be soon on the official domain
The site is build with a very user freindly content management system, so several webmasters all over the world, to be appointed by the IACA we be able to upload articles .

New Bimare V1

Bimare developed last winter the new V1 : the evolution of the succesfull XJ.

The V1 is the topof the range A-cat from Bimare , various small upgrades from the XJ :

-finer bows ,with keeping the volume rather low.
-slightly bigger strikerless mainbeam (high modulus carbon reinforced )
-glued beams on request
-new daggerboards, inwards canted.
-Bimast autoclaved carbon mast with great finish

The A class and history

The A-Class and a bit of History
About the A-Class
A-Class catamarans are the fastest single handed racing boats in the world.
Most other racing classes are one-design whereas the A-Class is a development class and as a result it has become a pure high-tech boat.

ISAF rules catamarans out of Olympics

Friday 11th of November, the ISAF Council voted against any Multihull Event for the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in Britain. It decided that in future the only sailing boats to be raced should have one hull.
In doing so, it voted against the fastest boat at the Games, the only Event Open to both Men and Women, a permanent fixture for three decades, the recommendation of its own Events Committee, the strong endorsement of the host nation, and a sport invented in Britain.