A-Class Worlds 2014 @Takapuna , New Zealand

Right where Team New Zealand trained for this past Cup, the IACA will held next A-Cat Worlds. A great venue for racing but also to visit around.
Dates: Sunday 9th February to Sunday 16th February, 2014
Host. Takapuna Boating Club , Auckland, New Zealand
The Organising Authority is the Takapuna Boating Club, (TBC),
in association with the NZ A-Class Catamaran Association and the IACA

Musto 2014 Victorian State Championship for Adam Beattie

From the Australian Assoc: "Congratulations to Adam Beattie for taking out his first Victorian Championship, beating the current title holder, Steve Brayshaw.

Racing was reduced to 7 heats of 2 laps each in order to get the series in due to adverse weather conditions.

Saturday saw a 12 knot breeze gradually die out to 2 knots during the 4th race. Brayshaw won the first 3 races, whilst Beattie took the final.

Sunday saw no racing as the wind was greater than 22 knots all day.

Comments on Foiling by Current World Champ Mischa Heemskerk

We received this technical report by Mischa Heemskerk published in the Dutch A-Class Assoc FB from Kees Krijger, and it was decided worth to published in IACA's official website.
As current World Champ, and foiling specialist on the latest C-Class developments, Mischa's comments can contribute to learn some additional details on the 8.2 Rule.

IACA President on Official Class Submissions

Letter from Andrew Landenberger, IACA's President, to clarify and inform about the formal procedures to submit rule changes, and which are the current official ones currently analyzed by the Class World Council.
Dear Members,

Over the past months we have seen several submissions put forward by
National Associations for possible rule changes. Some of these submissions
have created a lot of interest in the class, both for and against.

Pizza Open 2013: Thilo Keller Champ

Yet another win for Thilo Keller and his Arrow MKII. Great year for him and for IACA webmaster Thomas Paasch who ended 2nd, both with several wins though the season. Pizza Open report by Guido Schulte.
Season Finals in Wismar won by Thilo Keller
"The Pizza Open 2013 saw a close fight between Thilo Keller and Thomas Paasch, followed by Donald Beike on third place, which actually made it a repetition of the Flensburg podium, just a couple of weeks ago. Runners up after a consistant and strong performance are Jorgen Scanjet Hansen and Lars Schröder.

A Class Logo Update Contest

The A Cats with current stylish carbon hulls & masts, curved daggers, rudder winglets and pioneer WP hulls have one of the best looks in the racing beachcat scene. These boats and the Class members deserve a new Logo that can reflect the current status of this great development Class.
The International A-Division Class Logo needs an urgent restyling.
The "A" and its two baselines will remain surely as Flag / official Emblema. The idea is to update the Sail / Hull graphic.

Paradox A-Cat update with Dario Valenza

We contacted Dario Valenza who is building the Paradox in Australia for feedback on his project. We also asked him about the C-Class event at Falmouth where the Hydros team showed up with foils that can be reversed to suit weather conditions. Dario has made a similar approach for his new Paradox Rudders. Check Dario's website for more updates on the Paradox and some great technical articles at

Removal of rule 8.2 Explained: Comments from Andrew Landenberger

Below comments from IACA's President regarding the removal of Rule 8.2
Removal of rule 8.2 Explained
"At the time of the removal of the no Hyrofoil rule, I was chairman of the Technical committee. The way I understood the IACA decision was that the no Hydrofoil rule was to be removed after ballot because it was to difficult to define what a hydrofoil was or in fact what constituted a flying boat.

Nordic Championships for Thomas Paasch

Sent by Thomas Paasch.

Nordic Championships.
In the past weekend (7th and 8th of September), the Nordic Championships where held at the Skovshoved sailing club, just north of Copenhagen/Denmark.

Besides national championships, the Scandinavian countries have a long tradition of having Nordic championships, gathering sailors from all the Nordic countries. For the A-Class this is somewhat limited to Sweden and Denmark, but nevertheless it’s a nice tradition.