Lockdown Interviews - Scott Anderson

In these troubling times.  Many of us are in lockdown and furloughed, fitness is on the wain for some as the temptation to eat your way through that stash in the fridge becomes overwhealming, racing is currently a thing of the past as clubs are all shut and the grass grows around our beloved boats.  So, we too the opportunity to ask our National Champions and a few other 'A' Cat luminaries, a series of  questions to see if we normal mortals can learn about and from these masters.

IACA international calendar postponed by one year

Dear Presidents of National Associations, Dear sailors, Dear friends,

As a consequence of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, our major events of 2020 (European Championships in Cadiz/Spain and World Championships in St-Petersburg, Florida, USA) are enduring great risks of cancellation or very limited participation. In coordination with the presidents of the respective national associations and the organisation teams of Cadiz, St-Petersburg, Toulon and Punta Ala, we have decided to postpone the IACA international calendar by one year.

Diary dates - Worlds Punta Ala : 3-10/9/22

The IACA committee has accepted the proposal of the "Associazione Italiana Catamarani Classe A" for a Worlds Championships to be held in Punta Ala, Tuscany, on 3-10 September 2022. Our Worlds 2015 held at the same place are in our memories as a great sailing event, and we look forward to go back to this great location in 2022.

I take this opportunity to thank the team behind this successful bid : Thomas Andrew Daddi, Stefano Sirri and Marco Gaeti, along with the crews of Centro Velica Punta Ala and Punta Ala Camp & Resort.

Charles & the IACA committee

An invitation to the 2020 Worlds!

Dear global A-Class sailors,

As chair of the 2020 Worlds, I would like to personally invite you to participate in the best organized ACAT sailing regatta to date.

The North American A-Class fleet has been the fastest growing single hand sailing fleet in our continent, as we just held our most successful North American Championships to date, last October.