Lockdown Interviews - Paul Larsen

We continue our series with the IACA Technical Head, and the Worlds Fastest Sailor, Paul Larsen.  


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

First wind driven vessel… would have been a scow moth up at Bonnie Doon (Made famous in “The Castle”… it exists). First proper sailing where I had any vague idea what was going on… was on a Hobie 14. That was also up on Lake Eildon in Victoria.

4 Nations Cup hoping to go ahead.

With the World in Covid Crisis, sailing has, understandibly, taken a back seat.  All National Associations see their calendars massively distrupted and most events, both local and nationally being cancelled. This unfortunatly includes our own 'A' Class World in the USA and European Championships in Spain.  However, the Dutch Association, in co-operation with the Hellecat Club,  are cautiously planning ahead for the combined BEL/GBR/GER/NED National Championships event, the inaugural 4 Nations Cup event in early September on their brand new beach.