New hardware seen at METS

Last week saw the METS sailing equipment trade show in Amsterdam.  This is an odd show, its a trade boatshow, but without any boats.  And it is THE place to get the latest bling for your superyacht.  It is also the place to catch up with people and a few luminaries of the 'A' Cat world were seen either looking for ideas or spying on the opposition.

A couple of new things relevent to 'A' Cat sailors were seen;

Harken have a new 57mm Carbo Ratchet Block.  It comes in 3 variations with 3 different sheaves designed to allow different rope grip on each, so you can taylor the grip to either the conditions or your desired sailing style.  There is also a limited edition 50th anniversary version with a sexy red sheave. They are available as the standard shackle or flexi fixings and only available from certain dealers so you'll need to seach for the nominated suppliers.

Ronstan have a new range of Series 15 BB unility blocks.  These are the lightest of their size on the market - with a single block weighing a mere 8.5g.  Their loading is rated at 120kg, so are ideal for rake mechanisms and such. They also have a nice neat exit block in the same range, which has a flush rivet, meaning the fitting slot needs no extra trimming at the side - ideal for outhauls.  Download the data sheet here